1. What is the procedure to check my scoreboard?
  2. Open your quiz URL in the same browser where you generated it. Then scroll down to view your scoreboard. For example: You can check your scoreboard by opening the quiz URL in the Chrome browser where you created it and then scrolling down.
  3. How can I delete my friend's names from my scoreboard that I do not wish to see any further?
  4. Using the same browser you created the quiz in, open your quiz URL. Now scroll down to see your current scoreboard. A DELETE button would appear next to your friends' names and scores. By clicking the Delete button, you can remove the unwanted name.
  5. How do I delete my quiz?
  6. Your quiz URL should open in the same browser that you used to create it. Now scroll down to the bottom and click the "Delete & Create New Quiz" button to delete your quiz.